Values & Leadership Competencies

Stripes39 Values

Stripes39 is in the process of re-authoring the presentation of its values. The current standing of the draft is:

  1. I am scrappy and relentlessly resourceful.
  2. I am imaginative, clever & the right kind of naughty.
  3. I am always holding the bar high, and continually raising it.
  4. I am gritty, passionate, and obsessed.
  5. I am a bold and fearless optimist.
  6. I am flexible, agile, and adaptable.
  7. I am an open and curious polymath.
  8. I am authentic, humble, grateful, and delightful to work with in every which way.
  9. I am thoughtful, work smart and exercise good judgement.
  10. I am fast-moving.
  11. I am high-output and high-impact.
  12. I am disciplined and exercise self-control.
  13. I am detail oriented and have impeccable taste.

Leadership Competencies

We are also in the process of evaluating whether and how to embrace the 16 ‘differentiating’ leadership competencies presented by Zenger Folkman. We are certainly intrigued by their data driven approach in determining what matters. Learn more about Zenger Folkman’s work from the materials available on their website, this review, and the HBR article that originally led us to them.

  1. Displays Honesty & Integrity
  2. Exhibits Technical & Professional Expertise
  3. Solves Problems & Analyzes Issues
  4. Innovates
  5. Practices Self Development
  6. Focuses on Results
  7. Establishes Stretch Goals
  8. Takes Initiative
  9. Communicates Powerfully & Broadly
  10. Inspires & Motivates Others
  11. Builds Relationships
  12. Develops Others
  13. Collaborates & Fosters Teamwork
  14. Develops Strategic Perspective
  15. Champions Change
  16. Connects the Group to the Outside World