Stripes39 Team

Salil Jain - CEO & CO-FOUNDER

Salil had no real work experience before starting Stripes39, which may explain why the early years of the company were so tumultuous. Now, he focuses his energy on strategy, product, business development, culture, and working with the GM’s of Stripes39 ventures.

Carl Ng - COO & Co-Founder

Though Carl didn’t care much for school, he somehow graduated with a fancy degree in Applied Computation Mathematical Sciences, while maintaining an odd appreciation for all things Hello Kitty. Carl wears many hats as COO of Stripes39 - handling all of the operations, finance, and legal, while also overseeing technology & product development efforts.

Quang Dinh - CMO & Co-Founder

Quang almost graduated from college with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, but dropped out with three credits remaining as it ‘made for a better story.’ A growth hacker at heart, Quang is the mastermind behind the development of Stripes39’s core competencies in marketing and user acquisition and leads all product marketing strategy.