Stripes39 Portfolio

The heart of the Stripes39 portfolio is our owned and operated sites. Each business unit is or will be run by a General Manager along with a small but powerful in-house team. Stripes39 provides executive oversight and strategy, partnership on product design, and administrative support in human resources, finance, and legal for each of these entities.

Education Labs

Education Labs is a collective of web media properties empowering millions of students and educators every month.


Cut is storytelling plus social theory. Composed of a small team of internet marketing veterans and tech savvy creatives, Cut is built to exploit principles of predictive virality. In other words, we can haz millions of views.


Launching Q1 of 2016.

Girlfriend Collective

Launching 2016.

Stripes39 Co-Founded

Stripes39 enjoys collaborating with other like-minded and similarly dispositioned entrepreneurs to build ventures that leverage our expertise alongside theirs. is building the top destination for individuals and businesses seeking information on or services for managing their online reputation.


Reinventing the consumer experience with a family of human-centric media brands.


Online platform connecting consumers with top rated local professional service providers.

Stripes39 Investments

In 2014, Stripes39 is looking to make additional outside investments in companies that excite us, and ideally that can benefit from our core competencies in marketing and growth hacking. Stay tuned for more information.

Stripes39 Other Holdings

The miscellaneous bin.

Consumer Media Network

Stripes39 took a small equity stake in Consumer Media Network when helping it craft and execute on its content marketing strategy.

Various Domain Assets

Buying great domains is fun :)