Let’s Build a Company Together

Stripes39 aspires to change the world. Since 2005 we've been starting, building, investing in, and selling companies with that endgame in mind. Along the way, we have learned a great deal from our successes, though perhaps even more from our failures. We have come to appreciate the journey just as much as we desire the destination.

Every day we get to solve challenging problems and work on awesome things with awesome people. If you are awesome and want to journey with us, or invite us to journey with you, please do say hello.

Whether or not you see an opportunity posted below, we are always on the lookout for exceptional people to partner with us to build businesses.

Before You Apply

Take a moment to read through our site and learn more about who we are and what we do to make sure we’re right for you.

Our Hiring Process

When evaluating potential GM candidates, we’ve come to realize it’s all about the fit between us, applicants, and the specific opportunity for which they are applying. Because of this, every step of our hiring process is designed around rigorously testing for this three-way fit. Even though the talent we are looking for is incredibly rare, we are certain that we would rather allow for false negatives than false positives.

The following are the major steps in our process:

  1. Resume / Application Form (Potentially a Recruiter Pre-Screen)
  2. Psychometric Assessment
  3. Phone Conversation w/ CEO
  4. On Demand Video Interview & Assessment
  5. Independent Take-Home Project & Full Day In-Person Interview Loop
  6. Structured Reference Check from Individuals we Select
  7. Final phone call to clear any remaining flags.
  8. Offer

Altogether, we expect that an applicant who moves through to hire will have spent just under 24 hours actively engaged with the evaluation process. That being said, this format dramatically reduces the average time the average applicant is engaged, as the stage gates for disqualification are arranged in ascending order of time required for completion.

Throughout the process, we do make ourselves available for additional conversations.

Our Pitch

We often joke that we probably expend more effort telling somebody why they wouldn’t want to work with us then why they would. We believe our job isn’t to sell, but to help you assess the fit at the same time we are. This requires us to share everything with you - the good, the bad, and the ugly, and we are committed to doing so. Never hesitate to ask any questions you might have.

That being said, here are some of the things others have connected with / appreciated:

  • The opportunity to learn and grow in a GM position.
  • The culture, environment, and the people.
    • Notably the humility with which everybody carries themselves.
  • No need to worry about fundraising early on.
  • Seemingly lower risk entrepreneurialism.
    • A bias toward higher probability of success ventures with real business models behind them.
    • Solid compensation and meaningful equity.
    • Working with entrepreneurs with past success.

Meanwhile the challenges have included:

  • Grasping / Understanding the GM role.
    • A mix between CEO & COO
    • A mix between having autonomy / ownership and taking directive.
    • Transitioning back and forth between 30,000 feet to deep down in the weeds.
  • Being put in a position where trust / autonomy must be earned.
  • Being held to a very high bar while being asked to move fast and deal with a great deal of ambiguity and change.