Stripes39 Commitments

Every person at Stripes39 and it’s owned & operated companies, including the executive team, is held to and measured against our corporate values. While we ask people to commit to these values, we also believe it is important to reciprocate by making some commitments of our own.

We firmly believe that people should work at whatever place is best for them. We recognize that we won’t always be able to be that for everybody, and our primary point of accountability is to the collective and to the mission. That being said, it is imperative that we do our best.

We Commit To

  • Care about you holistically.
  • Continually push you and invest into growing you.
  • Protect the culture & environment around you.
  • Be honest & open with you.
  • Partner with you to do good.
  • Always be improving alongside you.

While Providing the Opportunity For

  • Mastery
  • Membership
  • Meaning
  • Money


The following are a combination of current, planned, or “in consideration” actions that will support each of our commitments.

care about you holistically.

  • Flexible Schedule & Time Off Policies
  • Top Health / Vision / Dental Benefits
  • High End Work Environment & Equipment
  • Standing Desks
  • Fitness Fund
  • Monthly Recognition Celebration
  • Annual Market Driven Compensation Review
  • Upside Opportunity for Star Performers
  • Top Health / Vision / Dental Extended for Spouse & Dependents

Continually push you and invest into growing you.

  • Challenge-Directive
  • OKR Based Management
  • Quarterly 360 Feedback
  • Weekly One on Ones
  • Constructive Criticism Policy
  • Growth Fund - books, classes, coaching, etc.
  • JD Evolution Tracking w/ Success Measures

Protect the culture & environment around you.

  • Hiring Culture Screen
  • Weekly Lunches
  • Coffee With Everyone
  • Culture Fund
  • Quarterly Activities
  • Bi-Annual Parties

be honest & open with you.

  • Monthly All-Hands meetings
  • Open Door Policy

partner with you to do good.

  • Quarterly & Ad Hoc Giving / Serving Opportunities

always be improving alongside you.

  • Monthly Feedback Surveys & Assessments